As a biohacker I’m exploring new health interventions continuously. In the archive hereunder you can read what I’ve been doing in recent years.

June 2024

The dance with my sacroiliac joint instability continues. Reducing pain by electrical stimulation via the feet using the PainGone Fllow (TENS) device. Creating more balance in the joint by training the gluteus medius muscle. I stopped daily supplementation with 1,5 mg of betaine anhydrous – aka trimethylglycine (TMG) – because it makes me feel bad – a known side effect. Since a long time microdosing ibogaine was on my wish list. The first impressions are pretty good: increased mood, energy and productivity.

April 2024

After eating low carb for a couple of months, I’m now back to my default cyclical ketogenic diet. I added 300 mg phosphatidylserine to my daily supplement stack. It has a noticeable positive effect on memory recall. My experimenting with transcranial photo-biomodulation continues, now using a Kinreen device with 810 nm infrared light pulsed at 40 Hz. Checking out the new CELLAR8 full-body PEMF system from the UK. Meanwhile feeding my gut microbiome with fermented foods like goat yogurt, tempeh, kombucha, sauerkraut and homemade kimchi.

January 2024

I completed another five day water-fast in December. On day four I reached breath ketone levels of above 5.5 mmol/L. Currently enjoying carbohydrates for a few weeks, before returning to my default cyclical ketogenic diet. I’m daily taking 25 mg pregnenolone – a testosterone and cortisol precursor – with good results so far: more drive, motivation and energy. Tried the Kineon Move+ Pro (with 30 low power 808 nm lasers) for radial artery wrist photobiomodulation, with disappointing results. Using the Training Mask again for diaphrahm muscle resistance training. I continue to love my curcumine-coconut oil-black pepper decaf coffee in the morning!

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November 2023

I’ve been using creatine on and off for the last 5 years. Now I’m taking it daily again in a higher dose with great results on (cognitive) energy. After several experiments over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that Inclined Bed Therapy is not for me. It repeatedly triggered low back pain. Speaking of which, some of the Egoscue Method exercises (‘pelvic tilt’ amongst others) have been very helpful to manage that. I didn’t notice much effect of electrical vagus nerve stimulation. Finally I had the chance to do a session on the Novothor – a full body medical grade photobiomodulation device. Great experience.

August 2023

Dual-N-Back is a cognitive training game. I’m playing it daily, to improve my short term memory and increase intelligence. After 6 months of continuous use I’m currently taking a break from molecular hydrogen inhalation. I tried the nootropic supplement formula ‘Qualia Mind’. There were some cognitive benefits, but overall it didn’t feel good. Yet another supplement that I tried was Acetyl-L- Carnitine (ALCAR). Much better! Sleeping at an angle of 5 degrees to increase circulation, is also known as Inclined Bed Therapy. My first impression is positive!

May 2023

The last few weeks I’ve been successfully using the Micro-Pulse B5 (PEMF device) to manage the stubborn pain in my sacroiliac joint. Reducing tinnitus by insufflation of hydrogen – or actually Brown’s gas – into the ear canals. Also I continue to experiment with high doses of powdered and fresh turmeric root with black pepper in my meals. My body loves curcumin! I keep adhering to a time-restricted lectin free cyclical ketogenic diet.

March 2023

In the past two months I deviated from my normal cyclical ketogenic diet to enjoy a period of low carb foods, like mango and cherimoya. I did an Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) session. Definitely worthwhile to explore that further. I continue to breathe hydrogen gas for at least 10 hrs per week. After seven years of wearing Fitbit fitness trackers (24/7), I quit. Learned a lot, but feel better without now. Last but not least: I again explored my unconsious mind with the help of a hefty dose of psilocybe atlantis truffles.

January 2023

I just completed another 5-day water fast. This time I combined it with: snake juice (electrolytes), activated charcoal, breathing Brown’s gas (hydrogen) and daily full-body far infrared. I noticed more energy and measured very high breath ketone levels. I tried the Garmin VivoSmart 5 tracker but I found it to be unreliable and returned it to the shop. Also experimenting with a combiation of powdered and fresh turmeric root and black pepper in my meals to create higher doses of curcumin.

September 2022

This summer I’ve been plagued by low back pain from sacroiliac joint instability. I dove deep into the many exercises that address this affliction. It lead me to becoming aware of the transversus abdominis – the deepest of the four abdominal muscles. Pain is a great teacher! I recently acquired the Curatron Ultra Flash, a high intensity PEMF system that facilitates the ‘magnetic sandwich’ treatment – where two full-body mats form a giant Helmholtz coil. The last two weeks I’ve been trying Methylene Blue, a mitochondria boosting and cognitition enhancing chemical. Looks like it will be a keeper…

July 2022

The last weeks I’ve been tracking my degree of ketosis with a breath ketone meter. Nice to discover that I’ve reached ‘metabolic flexibility’, the state where you can eat carbohydrates and stay in or quickly move back into ketosis. The last month transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM) is back in my regimen – at least twice weekly. For this I build my own device consisting of two infrared floodlights, normally used in security night vision cameras. Also regularly doing a specific routine of simple exercises to increase lymphatic flow.

May 2022

After my good experiences with neurofeedback in 2015 and 2016, I decided to do another round – this time monthly 3 hour sessions with NewMind. To support the goals of this (QEEG based) neurofeedback training, I am combining Audio Visual Entrainment (10 Hz/Alpha) with regular meditation practice.
Supplements: trying out vitamin K2 and also N-acetylcysteine (NAC). Since December 2021 I’ve been taking melatonin daily in doses of 0.1 up to 20 mg for reducing brain fog and improving cognition.

February 2022

I completed a three day ‘hard’ dry fast mid January: going 72 hours without food and liquids, and on top of that no contact with water. So no showers, washing hands or brushing teeth. This may sound extreme, but is actually doable. :-)
Two weeks later I contracted a Covid-19 infection – most likely of the Omicron variant. It lasted only a few days with some mild headaches and cold symptoms.
Using my new larger MediCrystal far infrared mat almost daily before going to bed; very relaxing!

November 2021

Experimenting with the David Delight Plus – a device for Audio Visual Entrainment by Canadian company Mind Alive. I started taking a Danish probiotic supplement made by Chr. Hansen containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LGG). It is supposed to reduce leaky gut and do all sorts of things for immune system. I keep studying the activation of neurogenic tremors and looking for tools that can be used for better management of them. I made a variation of the HUGO ‘sandwich’ PEMF system, using the medium intensity Biobalance PEMF device with two mats connected. It seems to increases the penetration and size of the magnetic field. I ran into Laetiporus Sulphureus (aka Chicken of the Woods) – beautiful orange/yellow and tasty mushroom.

July 2021

Experimenting with a great new photobiomodulation device: the FlexBeam – made in Thailand by Recharge. Highly recommended. New supplements: acacia fiber, magnesium-ascorbate and CoQ10. Also rediscovering lithium-orotate. A new exercise: combining HRV breathing with deep abdominal breathing – inspired by the DNS (dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation) method. I bought another pair of Merrell ’barefoot’ shoes; the ‘move glove kombu’. Culinary: Eating a lot of fresh salad and herbs from my garden while continuing to enjoy banana flower pancakes (keto).


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April 2021

I just completed my third 5-day water fast. Using the MediCrystal far infrared (FIR) mat to warm up in the evenings. Working on the upcoming blogpost ‘The best PEMF devices’. Experimenting with transcranial applications of one of those: the Micro-Pulse M1. Continuing to learn and train my (yang style) tai chi form mirror image. This month’s culinary explorations: brewing (fermenting) kombucha and eating pork tongue.

February 2021

Trying out my new MediCrystal far infrared mat. Experimenting with the various programs of the MAS (special-multi-plus) full body PEMF device. Also doing a 20 min intranasal photobio-modulation session every other day comparing different devices. Micro-dosing sclerotia tampanensis. Working on the upcoming blogpost ‘mouth taping & sleep quality’. Last but not least, some culinary explorations: fried sheep testicles and wild picked winter velvet shank mushroom – aka enokitake.