Biohacking consultation

You may be a patient anywhere on the planet and you would like health advice. Or you are a doctor looking for new concepts to incorporate in your treatment protocols. I’ve been a biohacker since the late 90s and can probably point you to health interventions that you have not heard of before. This can be done via email, a video call or in person. Contact me for more information.


In the Netherlands (Utrecht) I provide various non-medical interventions to increase energy, cognitive function, recovery, relaxation and healing. These are combinations (stacks) of magnetic fields, infrared light, biofeedback, exercises, diet, neutraceuticals and more. Using these biohacking tools, I can move the needle for most people with chronic health problems. Contact me for more information.

Neurogenic Tremors consultation

Often, questions arise when people surrender to the spontaneous movements known as neurogenic tremors. I freely share my knowledge about and experience with these liberating involuntary muscle contractions. In 45-60 minute video calls, I can help you to get the most out of the shaking process.


Product development

Developers of products in the health space can take advantage of my decade-long experience with biohacking devices. I can assist improving your product’s user experience and its usability. Also, I can suggest new applications and help to increase impact. These are the areas of my experience: PEMF, photo-bio-modulation, supplements & food. Contact me for more information.