Radical Health chat group

Apart from using the Meetup platform (link), we are exploring group communication via the Session messenger app.

This is an experiment and later in 2024 we will evaluate its usefulness. The experiment is twofold: is it valuable to have such a chat group, and does Session meet our requirements? Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

What is Session?

Session is a decentralised social media messenger app, with better privacy than Whatsapp, Telegram or even Signal. It works both on mobile and desktop. For creating an account you don’t need a phonenumber or even an email address. Session uses the Oxen blockchain. Up to 100 people can participate in the group chat.

Joining the chat group

To join the Radical Health chat group, you need to – at least once – attend one of our ‘Social Night’ events. After that you will receive an invitation. In case you didn’t receive an invitation, please contact us.

How to get started?

Watch: Session intro video (8 min) or Session intro video XL (28 min)
Download: getsession.org | Help: Session FAQ
> Once you have created a Session ID, send this to me via email, the Meetup chat or LinkedIn. I will then connect with you and add you to the Session chat group.

Value & purpose

Together the members of the Radical Health meetup group have an enormous amount of knowledge regarding health and biohacking. This can be unlocked via the group chat. How are we going to use this new communication channel? This is currently to be found out. Let’s start by asking and answering questions…

Radical Health chat group: Guidelines

Below is the first version of the Radical Health chat group guidelines.

  1. The language of the group is English.
  2. Stay on topic: Biohacking & communication around Radical Health meetup events.
  3. In answering a question, do just that. Keep it short and to the point. Don’t digress!
  4. If a message is only/mostly relevant to one other member, please make it a private message.
  5. Please do not use the group for marketing or posting promotional content.
  6. All messages will periodically be deleted, so save information that is important to you.

In the coming time these will be further defined. If you have feedback or want to suggest an improvement, feel free to contact me!