Radical Health Meetup

The Radical Health meetup provides a space where biohackers, doctors, researchers, health experts and educated patients can meet – to learn, share, network and collaborate. A couple of times per year we host an afternoon or evening with speakers, activities and drinks in the Netherlands.

Themes & Topics

Some of our fields of interest: longevity, cognition, metabolic health, pain management, performance, lifestyle and general health optimisation. Our favourite topics include: diets, fasting, supplements, neutraceuticals, biofeedback, stem cell therapy, photobiomodulation, psychedelics, medicinal gases, exercise, peptides, magnetic field therapy, meditation, nootropics and many more…


Radical Health


There are many things that can get in the way of healing: tradition, ignorance, greed, assumptions or simply lack of ambition. In many cases, health can only be restored by a thorough approach and thinking outside the box. Including all fields of science and without compromise.


We organise three types of events:

  • Radical Health Social Night
    This is a bimonthly small informal get-together in the evening for meeting other biohackers. Usually in Utrecht and admission is free.

  • Radical Health Playground
    An afternoon where you can try out and get hands-on experience with a selection of biohacking tools. Once a year. Read more…

  • Radical Health Talks
    This is a little bigger and longer in the afternoon with several speakers. Once a year.

At these meetups we discuss and showcase the latest developments and trends in health optimisation and biohacking. The main language during the meetups is English.

For whom?

Just being interested in health/biohacking alone is not enough to join this group. Apart from curiosity, you bring knowledge, experience and/or skill in the field of biohacking, research or healthcare. You have both an open mind as well as an appetite for science and critical thinking.

Joining the Radical Health meetup

If the above resonates with you, please go to the Radical Health meetup page and hit the ‘Request to join’ button!

Community & Communication

Apart from using the Meetup platform, we are experimenting with group communication via Session. More info here.