Psoas Release Exercises

Since 2014 one of my main projects has been practicing, studying and teaching the activation and management of neurogenic tremors. Initially I did so within the context of Eastern arts – mostly tai chi & qigong – and the ‘tension & trauma releasing exercises’. Over the years I created my own method: Psoas Release Exercises. Read more about this primal, natural and free biohack below.


Neurogenic tremors

The active ingredient of the psoas release exercises is a built-in biological reflex called neurogenic tremors. Probably you’ve seen animals shake after being chased by a predator. These involuntairy movements are called neurogenic tremors, and are a primal way of dealing with a stress. Neurogenic means ‘arising in the nervous system’ and a tremor is ‘an involuntary, rhythmic muscle contraction that results in shaking movements’. They often look like shivering from being cold, but may have many different forms of expression. This phenomenon is pretty universal and occurs in humans and many other mammals. The function of neurogenic tremors is to reset the autonomic nervous system and balance hormones after a stressful event.


Neurogenic tremors have many lasting health benefits:

  • stress reduction & deep relaxation
  • increased sense of well-being & vitality
  • improved sleep
  • improved joint function & general flexibility
  • better posture
  • reduction of musculoskeletal pain – including low back pain
  • increased blood circulation
  • personal growth & development.

Regarding the latter: neurogenic tremors provide easier acces to flow states and contribute to embodiment and being grounded in the present moment. For more in-depth information about neurogenic tremors, check out my neurogenic tremors blogpost – which will be available halfway 2023.

Psoas Release Exercises

The psoas release exercises are an easy way to activate neurogenic tremors. The exercises cause the leg and hip muscles to be tired. Once the are, they will relax and start to shake. The psoas is a muscle (hip flexor) that plays a central role in this process, hence the name. The method works well and is continously being refined and developed further. At a certain point the exercises and instruction wil be posted on this website. Activating neurogenic tremors is a natural ancestral and free biohack, similar to cold exposure or fasting.

psoas release exercises workshop in switserland


Since 2014 I’ve shaken 300+ hours to explore and develop skill and experience. In recent years I have facilitated hundreds of people in activating and managing neurogenic tremors in workshops and one-on-one sessions. I’ve also led workshops each year.

The Psoas Release Exercises workshop

The psoas release exercises workshop gives the participants the basic knowledge and instructions to activate and manage neurogenic tremors. Of course, experiencing them is part of this workshop that can last anywhere from 1,5 to 4 hours. It is suitable for up to 30 participants, and requires a quite empty room with mats. I’ve given this workshop at various festivals in Europe. The PRE workshop fits very well in tai chi and yoga festivals, biohacking summits and personal development retreats. For many participants this wil be a new and exiting experience.

Getting started

An easy way to learn how to activate neurogenic tremors is by attending a psoas release exercises workshop. Check my schedule to see if there is one near you. These are mostly in the Netherlands, but you can invite me to give one in your area. At some point I will put up a guide in pdf or video format with instructions here. I am also available for one-on-one sessions in the Netherlands. I’m also available for online general neurogenic tremor consultations.