Photobiomodulation for Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis

My main project at the moment is researching the therapeutic applications of (transcranial) infrared light for MS patients. We started experimenting in April 2017 – looking at frequency, dose, area of application etc. The results are promising. Check this dedicated blogpost for more information and updates.

Psoas Release Exercises

Experimenting with self-induced ‘neurogenic tremors’ since 2014. Read more about how I do this with the psoas release exercises or attend one of my psoas release excercises workshops in the Netherlands or Switzerland.

Medicinal mushrooms

Exploring the kingdom of the fungi – both for culinary and medicinal purposes. Taking supplements, foraging and growing at home. Favourites so far: black fungus, cordyceps, lion’s mane, shiitake, maitake, king oyster, turkey tail and reishi.

Fasting & Diet

I did my second 5 day water fast in December 2019. Keywords: autophagy, stem cells, ketosis.

I have been avoiding lectins and eating low carb / high fat for a while. Since January 2019 I’m restricting carbo-hydrates even further to a nutritional ketogenic diet. Needless to say, this is within a time restricted feeding window of around 9 hours. Using caprylic acid (C8) MCT oil since April 2019.


Experimenting with deuterium depletion via ketogenic diet and drinking deuterium depleted water (85ppm). Regularly drinking molecular hydrogen water (tablets). Currently inhaling structured water produced by the NanoVi Exo daily.


Trying out cdp-choline, creatine, vinpocetine, lithium oratate and lemon balm.

Biohacking tools