Neurogenic Tremors consultation

Often, questions arise when people surrender to the spontaneous movements known as neurogenic tremors.

I freely share my knowledge about and experience with these liberating involuntary muscle contractions. In 45-60 minute video calls, I can help you to get the most out of the shaking process.

What are neurogenic tremors?

During life on planet earth, living creatures encounter threatening situations. The impact of these stressful experiences is usually transient, but can accumulate in the organism. To increase the chance of survival, biology provides a way to undo this through involuntary shaking. These movements are known as neurogenic tremors. Read my comprehensive blogpost about neurogenic tremors.

Talking to an expert

Neurogenic tremors are a universal and natural phenomenon. Nevertheless, most doctors, therapists and health experts still know little about it. Chances are that you don’t have access to someone that is knowledgeable or experienced in this field. I approach this subject from many angles: psychology, spirituality, energy work, biology, science and consciousness.

Typical subjects & questions

  • Can I safely tremor when I have pain in my body?
  • How do I integrate this in my tai chi or other mind-body practice?
  • How can I direct or influence the tremors?
  • Are there biohacking tools that combine well with neurogenic tremors?
  • I’ve tried several methods, but I cannot shake.

About Tjeerd Verbeek

I have been studying mind-body arts (tai chi, qigong and meditation) for over 30 years. I also have an academic background and analytic skills. Since 2014 I’ve shaken 300+ hours to explore and develop my skills and experience. In recent years I have facilitated hundreds of people in activating and managing neurogenic tremors in workshops and one-on-one sessions. More about Tjeerd and Biohackz…

Book your neurogenic tremors consultation

(1) Contact
Contact me by sending an email. Please include your main question or theme, and let me know what would make the videocall succesful to you. All communication around this service is done via email. I speak Dutch, English and a little German.

(2) Appointment
When we have agreed on a date and time, the consultation will last somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes. I am generally available between 13:00 and 20:00 hrs. My time zone is Central European (Summer) Time | UTC +1 (+2).

(3) Payment
The price for one consultation is 85 euro / 90 USD. Payment is possible via bank transfer, various crypto currencies or PayPal. Please let me know beforehand if you require an invoice / receipt.

(4) Video Call
I prefer using Jitsi; in case that doesn’t work we use Zoom. Five minutes before the starting time of the call I will send you a Jitsi link. You can open that in a browser. No account needed. We then connect and get the technology in order. Please use a static camera or postition your phone on a stable surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m shaking involuntary. Can you see whether my movements are neurogenic tremors?

In most cases I will be able to do so. However, if the tremors have another cause, I cannot make a diagnosis.

Can we discuss other topics?

Yes, as long as it relates to neurogenic tremors – and that is a lot.

How do I get the most out of the consultation?

Prepare your questions, write them down and make notes during the call. Also, reading this page and the comprehensive neurogenic tremors blog article before the call may be handy.

Do you know everything about neurogenic tremors?

No I don’t. There are still many questions.

Can we do the Psoas Release Exercises during the consultation?

No, these are only part of the PRE workshops that I host twice a year in the Netherlands. For now, I find this too impractical to offer this online. See the Psoas Release Exercises page for more info and my schedule for the next workshop.

When is a consultation a good idea?

* You are independently exploring the shaking, but would like to have some guidance or advice during the process.
As a part of the preparation to your first shaking session.
Or you may have been shaking for a while and have specific questions about the process. 

When is a consultation NOT a good idea?

In case you are working with ‘deep’ trauma and psychological issues. I’m not a therapist.

I’m practising the Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE), is that the same thing?

Yes, this method is also using the – universal – neurogenic tremors.

Is the shaking in the OSHO Kundalini Meditation the same?

Yes, this meditation is based on neurogenic tremors.