Frequently Asked Questions

What is biohacking?

Biohacking is taking control over your life by increasing health, longevity, cognition and/or performance. To do so, biohackers use knowledge from the fields of psychology, biology, chemistry, physics, data science and medicine. Check this 16 minute BBC documentary to see how different people around the world are doing this.

What is natural biohacking?

In natural biohacking there is a preference for natural non-invasive interventions like fasting, cold exposure or light exposure.

You gave me some very good advice; can I make a donation?

Yes, that is possible and greatly appreciated. I accept PayPal and several crypto currencies. Please email me for the details.

Can you write a review of our product? I will send it for free.

Thanks, but no. This is an independent blog without affiliate links or promo codes. However, if it is a good product I may purchase it and even write about it…

What is Radical Health?

Radical Health is a growing Dutch community of biohackers, doctors, researchers, educated patients and other health experts. More about the Radical Health meetup here.

Can I copy texts or use imagesĀ from your website?

No. However in some cases I can make an exception.

Where can I find the slides from your lecture?

They are usually posted here.

Do you send out a newsletter?

Coming soon! You can subscribe to the Biohackz newsletter in the footer down below. There will also be a Radical Health newsletter. For that one: please send me a message.

What is your diet?

That has changed over the years. I have been avoiding lectins and eating low carb / high fat for a while. Since January 2019 I’m restricting carbo-hydrates even further to a nutritional ketogenic diet. I generally eat within a time restricted feeding window of around 8 hours.