Best PEMF devices

More and more people are discovering the benefits of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, but may have a hard time finding a good device. In this review I will portray three of the best PEMF devices currently available.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy has been around since the 1960s. The first time I personally underwent a PEMF treatment was in 1999. I was immediately sold, because after this one treatment my serious chronic shoulder pain was reduced significantly, and never returned to its original level. I then started looking into the scientific research and began to collect devices for PEMF therapy. A passion was born! Over the years I have gained experience in treating myself and others with a wide range of PEMF systems. In this blog I will review the devices that I have found to be most valuable.

the best pemf devices - coil with field lines

What makes a good PEMF device?

The most important characteristic of a good PEMF device is that it emits an effective electro-magnetic field. On top of that it needs to be easy to operate, durable, and not too expensive. Such a device can only be developed over a period of time, by people with knowledge of PEMF science, biology and electronics. Buying a device from a company that has been around for a while is therefore a good idea. Reliable manufacturers usually communicate the details and specifications of their devices.

The difficulties of finding a good PEMF device

A lot of information about pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy is available online. Unfortunately, there is also a problem: most websites that review or recommend PEMF devices, are created to market or sell specific products. This makes it difficult for the non-expert to select a device.

Another difficulty is that the pulsed magnetic fields that PEMF devices emit are invisible. If you buy a stereo, a perfume or a lamp, the output can respectively be heard, smelled or seen. Not so for pulsed magnetic fields. Manufacturers can easily make false claims about the output of their device, as this is difficult to verify by the average consumer.

Independent review

This review is independent. There are no links to shops, discount deals or promo codes. I receive no commissions for the sales of featured items. This article has been written out of the desire to promote PEMF therapy in general. It is based on my 20+ years of experience with PEMF devices.

The best PEMF device for whom?

I realise that what the best device is, depends on your situation and needs. Therefore I have included a lot of details about each one, so you can look for the best match. One thing that the featured devices have in common is that they are all durable and have a very good price/performance ratio.

The three best PEMF devices

Without further ado: the best PEMF devices are the Elamed ALMAG-01, The Micro-Pulse M1 and the Curatron Flash. Please find them below.

1. Elamed ALMAG-01

the Almag-01 (best pemf devices)

If I had to pick one PEMF device for the rest of my life, it would have to be the Almag-01. Ever since I bought one in 2013, I’ve been using this durable Russian invention regularly. Its unique features are the flexibel design and the use of travelling pulsed magnetic fields. The Almag-01 is suitable for local treatment but can also cover larger areas of the body. On top of that, the Almag-01 is very easy to operate. Let’s go into the details.


The Almag-01 is a portable, medium intensity PEMF device for local and regional treatment. It consists of a control unit and an applicator with four coils.

The flexibility of the applicator allows that it can be folded around joints, which is very handy for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. This way, the coils are positioned around one area of the body and treat it from different angles. The coils don’t fire simultaneously, but one after another. The magnetic field moves around from coil to coil very fast, hence this technique is called “travelling pulsed magnetic fields”.

The Almag-01 is very handy and easy to operate. There are no programs or settings to select. It will begin running once it is plugged in, and will automatically shut off after 20 minutes. If you want a longer treatment session, just unplug it and plug back into the power outlet.

The device is made of hypoallergenic materials and can be used by people with a sensitive skin. The surfaces of the device can be safely disinfected with any solution approved for disinfection of plastic objects.

The Almag-01 comes with a 52 page manual that contains protocols and applications.


The Almag-01 is produced in Russia by Elamed – formerly ‘Yelatma instument making plant’ – which have been designing and manufacturing medical equipment since the late 1980s. Apart from PEMF devices for home and clinical use, the company also produces diagnostics equipment, medical furniture, ultrasound cleaners and disinfection containers. It seems Elamed is a reputable company, that has grown in recent years and is committed to delivering quality products. Check this company video (Russian) on youtube.

Science & patents

Elamed has a diverse product line with several PEMF devices for home and clinical use. I could not find any research done with the Almag-01. However, the slightly bigger Almag-02 and Almag-03 appear in studies on Pubmed into COVID-19 pneumonia and transcranial magnetic stimulation for stroke patients. Other research with Elamed devices – including the Almag-01 – may to be available in the Russian language.

Since 2012 the Almag-01 is patented in Russia as ‘Magnetotherapeutic device with optimal setup, nodes of exposure by a running pulse magnetic field in its composition and improved design of a carrier of nodes of exposure’. Interestingly enough, the accompanying drawings reveal that it originally had six coils.

Almag-01 Technical specifications
Power (magnetic flux density; B): 200 Gauss / 20,000 microTesla / 20 milliTesla
Frequency: 6 Hz / 7,5 Hz (pulse duration: 1,5-2,5 ms)
Waveform: Square / Triangle
Treatment time: 20 minutes
Programs: 1
AC power supply: 120 /230 Volt | Power consumption: max 35 Watt
Weight: 0,62 KG
Dimensions applicator: 55 cm long | Individual coil size: 13 x 88 mm 
Dimensions power supply unit: 137 x 60 x 45 mm
Cable length (from plug to applicator): 3,2 meter 
Accessories included: magnetic field indicator


In the center of each coil there is a small LED light that blinks whenever a coil is active. This way you know the device is in operation and you can see the pulse traveling around. In the dark this gives a nice visual effect.

There is a separate production line for the American market. Devices produced for Europe and Russia do not function properly in the USA and the manufacturer’s warranty does not apply to such devices when operated in the USA. This is explained here.


  • The Almag-01 is very handy and easy to operate.
  • Produces a strong magnetic field that can penetrate the whole body.
  • Very durable; its robust built will last for at least 10 years.
  • Requires little or no maintenance.
  • Can treat a large area of the body, yet is easy to store and transport.
  • Great universal PEMF device for home and clinic.
  • Good value for money.


  • The coils heat up during treatments.
  • Not suitable for brainwave entrainment.
  • Not chargeable.

Price, buying & warranty

The Almag-01 will set you back around 599 dollars. Elamed has distributors all over the world. Available online in the US at and In the UK through New and pre-owned devices are also available through Ebay. If you look around you might even find it for around 300-400 dollars. New devices have a warranty of 3 years.

2. Micro-Pulse M1

the Micro-Pulse M1

The Micro-Pulse M1 has to be one of the smartest PEMF devices ever made. Since its release in 2017, I’ve been using it a lot. It combines being very small with generating short but strong magnetic pulses. The M1 is very suitable for brain wave entrainment and transcranial magnetic stimulation. Because of its light weight, the M1 is a wearable device. Let’s go into the details.


The Micro-Pulse M1 is a medium intensity PEMF device for local treatment. It consists of a control unit with two coils. It is very lightweight – only 52 grams including battery – which makes it easily wearable in clothing or a bandage. The M1 uses a special form of PEMF called ICES, which stands for Inductively Coupled Electrical Stimulation. Inductive coupling is a technique where a magnetic field is generated between two coils (Helmholtz configuration) to cause electrical stimulation in tissues.

The M1 requires some study to operate. There are 30 programs and 15 intensity levels to select. It will begin running continuously once it is switched on. The M1 will remember your settings from the last time you used it. If you do not want to change these, just turn on the power and it will start running within 15 seconds. The coils can be positioned in different ways, as demonstrated in this short video. Both coil placement and choosing settings requires some study. It is not super complicated, but has a learning curve.

The device is powered by a small rechargeable camcorder battery that will last for a reasonable long time. The M1 produces strong extremely short electro-magnetic pulses. These pulses are however long enough to result in the desired biological effects. A very clever design.

The formal name of the M1 is ‘Micro-Pulse ICES® DigiCeutical® M1 Model System’. It comes with a 2 page quick start guide, a 33 page manual and various instructional videos on youtube.


The M1 is produced in the USA (North Carolina) by Micro-Pulse LLC, which was founded by Dr. Robert Glenn Dennis in 2010. The company has a range of PEMF devices that are used by biohackers, athletes, medical doctors, chiropractors and veterinarians all over the world. The core ICES technology that they developed for these, has also been licensed to other manufacturers for use in devices like SomaPulse, AllevaWave and MagnaWave. The Micro-Pulse M1 and A9 are their most popular models. The more professional models B5 and C5 are calibrated precision PEMF devices intended for use in scientific experiments and studies.
Micro-Pulse is a company that is committed to delivering innovative PEMF technology and products. Their high standards and ambitious goals are contributing to the advancement of the field of pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy globally.

Science & patents

Dr. Robert Dennis is a biomedical engineer, scientist and inventor. In the second part of the 1990s he was contracted by NASA to build a PEMF device for the study of neural tissue regeneration. During this period he became aware of the potential of pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy. Afterwards he started Micro-Pulse and continued to develop this technology, by improving the waveforms and frequency protocols. Most of the research that was done in this context is private and unpublished. Dr. Robert Dennis together with a group of colleagues of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill publishes the Journal of Science and Medicine (JoSaM). The ICES technology that underlies all Micro-Pulse devices is patented and Robert Dennis also holds several other patents for medical and diagnostic inventions. Micro-Pulse produces some of the best researched devices and are based on patented technology.

Technical specifications Micro-Pulse M1
Power (magnetic flux density; B): 200 Gauss / 20,000 microTesla / 20 milliTesla
Frequency: 1 to 100 Hz 
Waveform: Square / Trapezoidal
Treatment time: 30 min, 60 min or continuous.
Programs: 30 
DC power supply: DLI88 camcorder battery or USB mini-B (3,7 Volt)
Weight: 52 gram (including battery)
Dimensions applicator coils: 48 x 6 mm
Dimensions control unit: 61 x 62 x 15 mm
Wire length (from control unit to applicator): Standard 50 cm  | Long 120 cm | Short 25 cm
Accessories included: magnetic field indicator (coil life test chip)


The M1 and other Micro-Pulse devices are popular amongst  biohackers and citizen-scientists. Micro-Pulse is facilitating the engagement of these communities with their Flux Health Forums where PEMF applications are discussed.

The coils are made from a material that slowly degrades. It discolours and weakens over time, especially when it comes in contact with skin.

During the writing of this blog article I have frequently been wearing the M1 on my head, targetting the prefrontal cortex.


  • The Micro-Pulse M1 is extremely light and compact.
  • Wearable in clothing or bandages.
  • Produces strong magnetic pulses that can deeply penetrate the body.
  • Very suitable for brainwave entrainment & low level transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).
  • Includes 30 programs with various frequencies and protocols.
  • Can be used to improve sleep.
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery that runs for a long time.
  • Good value for money.


  • Only treats a small area of the body at the time.
  • Small buttons and display may be difficult to operate for some.
  • Coils are not very durable; last for 3 years max.

Price, buying & warranty

The Micro-Pulse M1 will set you back around 629 dollars. Available online at The M1 and replacement coils are also available through their Ebay store. New devices have a warranty of 1 year (control unit only).

3. Curatron Flash

the curatron flash

I’ve been using the Curatron Flash for two years now, and usually with succes. It is my go-to device for quick pain reduction. This Israelian high intensity PEMF system is easy to operate and very effective for musculoskeletal problems. The Curatron Flash is suitable for local treatment, but can also cover larger areas of the body. Its use of solid state technology offers various advantages. Let’s have a closer look.


The Curatron Premium Flash – also known as the Parmeds Premium Flash in the USA – is a high intensity PEMF device for local and regional treatment. It is often used by professionals in a clinical setting. The Curatron Flash has a clear display and big buttons, and is easy to operate. It was released in 2017 and consists of a control unit with a standard loop coil applicator, that is 12 inch (30 cm) in diameter. Other available applicators are:

  • 7″ x 7″ coil pad
  • 18″ x 23″ coil mat
  • 20″ x 60″ big mat applicator that allows for full body treatment.

All applicators are made of silicon and imitation synthetic leather. The default 12″ coil can be used as is, but can also be folded into a butterfly coil or slided into the included zippered 12″ x 12″ pad.

Like most high intensity devices, the Curatron Flash creates extremely short electromagnetic pulses of less than 1/1000 of a second. However, unlike most competitors it does not use spark plug technology to create the pulses. Instead the Curatron Flash uses solid state semiconductor technology which is completely electronically controlled. Therefore no parts need to be replaced after a period of use, thus making the unit service free. This also causes the device to be relatively lightweight and transportable.

The intensity can be increased by 35% utilizing the power booster switch at the rear of the device. The maximum intensity with the power booster on is 5.400 gauss for the 12” coil, and 7.200 gauss for the 7” coil pad.

The Curatron Premium Flash comes with a 35 page pdf manual that contains protocols and applications.


The Curatron Flash is made by Curatronic, whose head office is located in Jerusalem, Israel. The company was founded by Ben Philipson in 2000. He studied biomedical electronic engineering in Europe and was working with biofeedback and laser technology, before he got involved in PEMF therapy in the late 1970s. Curatronic has a diverse PEMF product line with low, medium and high intensity devices, built on many years of experience. They also have a division called Curavet that produce a pulsed magnetic therapy system for equine and veterinary use. The company has a reputation of delivering high quality PEMF equipment that is effective, reliable and durable.

Science & patents

I was unable to find studies on Pubmed that use or refer to the Curatron Flash. There are many studies done with high intensity PEMF however. It seems that the technology used is open-source and not patented.

Technical specifications Curatron Premium Flash
Power (magnetic flux density; B): max 7.200 Gauss / 720,000 microTesla / 0,72 Tesla
Frequency: 0,67-33 Hz
Waveform: Pulse
Treatment time: 4-30 minutes depending on the program
Programs: 10
AC power supply: 115 /230 Volt | Power consumption: 160 Watt
Weight: 3,7 KG
Dimensions control unit: 29 x 26 x 8 cm
Dimensions standard 12" applicator: 30 cm in diameter
Cable length (from plug to applicator): 195 cm 
Accessories included: test magnet


Curatronic has developed two other (Premium Flash spin off) high intensity devices: the Curatron Multi Flash which is a little lighter and smaller (4.000 Gauss) and the Curatron Ultra Flash which is bigger and more expensive (>10.000 Gauss).

Optional software is available to connect the Curatron Flash to a Windows or MAC PC/laptop. This way you can record patient treatment data and settings. It is also possible to create and use custom protocols.

The most recent model Curatron Ultra Flash will be able to be connected to two full body mats that can be used together for a ‘sandwich’ treatment. Most likely this is inspired by the Hugo high intensity device.

I have no experience with the big mat applicator for full body treatment. I only own the standard loop coil and the small coil pad.


  • The Curatron Flash is a relatively cheap and accesible high intensity PEMF device.
  • It is is easy to operate.
  • Produces a very strong magnetic field that can penetrate the whole body.
  • Very durable; its robust built will last for a long time.
  • Low maintenance due to solid state technology.
  • Excellent for pain management.
  • Good value for money.


  • The cooling fan is rather noisy and needs to run 10 minutes after use before the device can be switched off.
  • The huge amount of options, possible combinations and websites are somewhat confusing.

Price, buying & warranty

The Curatron Premium Flash costs around 8000 dollars, depending on the configuration/accessories. Available online at In the US under the brand name ‘Parmeds’ at In the UK through The control unit has a warranty of 3 years. The coils only 6 months.

Other PEMF devices

Apart from the three best ones featured in this blog, there are several other PEMF devices that I own and sometimes use. These do have good points, but cannot compete with the ones above. Nevertheless, I would like to mention the EarthPulse and the FlexPulse. I dedicated a whole blog to the vintage elec system Magnetotron. And there is the high intensity budget device called the Sota Magnetic Pulser. Of course, there are yet other PEMF devices out there that may be equally good or even better, but that I simply don’t know.

PEMF mat device
A PEMF mat device for whole-body treatment

Mat devices?

You may ask why there is no PEMF mat system for whole-body treatment in my selection. The first PEMF device I ever bought was in fact a mat device; the Quantron Resonance System (QRS 101 home). Since that purchase in 2000, I have acquired and used several mat systems. So far I haven’t come across one that I can fully embrace. However, there are some PEMF mats that come close, like the MAS devices from Austria (especially the models multi-sport and special-multi-plus) that have sturdy mats and programmable control units. Also the BioBalance – made by the team behind – is a great portable PEMF mat system with good programs. As said, I haven’t yet found a mat device that ticks all my boxes. In a future blogpost I may go deeper into what constitutes a good PEMF mat device. Please note that it is possible to use the Curatron Premium Flash with an additional full body applicator, albeit with limited programs compared to other mat systems.


If you want to buy a PEMF device, the best choices are the Elamed ALMAG-01, The Micro-Pulse M1 and the Curatron Premium Flash. In case you are looking for the best mat device, the jury is still out.


‘Best PEMF devices’ was written by Dutch biohacker Tjeerd Verbeek (Biohackz) between February and May 2021. It is being updated irregularly.


Nothing to disclose. All devices were bought by the author. I receive no fees or commissions from the manufacturers. This website is not selling, marketing or affiliate marketing any products or services. More…