Biohackz is the blog of Dutch biohacker Tjeerd Verbeek.

Tjeerd Verbeek

Biohacker and professional tai chi teacher – based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I started biohacking in the late 1990s using pulsed electro magnetic field devices. Since then I’ve explored many other methods like photobiomodulation, nootropics and tension/psoas release exercises. I own a diverse collection of PEMF and PBM devices, which I use to improve my own health and of the people around me.

I am driven by curiosity and the desire to promote effective (often pharma-disruptive) health interventions. I had a short academic education – 3 years philosophy and artificial intelligence at Utrecht University. I continually learn new skills and expand my knowledge. When I’m not biohacking or teaching tai chi, I like to play snooker or go bass fishing in the North sea.


Biohackz - natural biohackingBiohacking can be done in many ways. This blog is about natural DIY lifestyle interventions. Both to prevent, cure or manage disease as well as increase vitality, performance & longevity. It covers a wide range of topics, with a focus on ‘energy medicine’ – using light (photobiomodulation, PBM/LLLT) and magnetism (pulsed electro magnetic field therapy, PEMF) to improve health and well-being.

All the hacks featured on this blog I have studied and experimented with for at least one but mostly over three years. Before a post is published I’ve looked into the matter over a period of time and from various angles.

I try to get as close to the truth as possible. I’m not interested in believing or defending something that isn’t in alignment with reality. This also means I may sometimes change my view – and update the corresponding blogpost. In science there are few truths, only probabilities, because our ecosystem is pretty complicated.

Biohackz has been mostly a blog since its inception in 2017. As of june 2024 I’m offering the several services.