Photobiomodulation for Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis
My main project at the moment is researching the therapeutic applications of (transcranial) infrared light for MS patients. We started experimenting in April 2017 – looking at frequency, dose, area of application etc. The results are promising. Check this dedicated blogpost for more information and updates.

Medicinal mushrooms
Exploring the kingdom of the fungi – both for culinary and medicinal purposes. Taking supplements, foraging and growing at home. Favourites so far: black fungus, cordyceps, lion’s mane, shiitake, maitake, king oyster, turkey tail and reishi.

Fasting & Diet
I did a 5 day water fast at the end of December 2018. Keywords: autophagy, stem cells, ketosis.

I have been avoiding lectins and eating low carb / high fat for a while. Since early January I’m restricting carbo-hydrates even further to a nutritional ketogenic diet. Needless to say, this is within a time restricted feeding window of around 9 hours. Also trying out caprylic acid (C8) MCT oil.

Experimenting with deuterium depletion via ketogenic diet and drinking deuterium depleted water (85ppm).

Biohacking tools